Visual Welding Inspections

WQCS can provide visual inspections which are performed by certified inspectors to ensure the welding contractor achieves good quality welds.

Welder Qualifications

WQCS can provide inspection and testing for the qualification of welders and weld procedures as outlined in AWS and ASME Codes. WQCS can also review welding procedures for compliance with project requirements.

Q/A & Q/C Services

WQCS can document the quality of the welding operation from start to finish. Our documentation includes but not limited to; welding procedures, welder qualifications, material identification, material tracking and weld mapping.

3rd Party and Source Inspections

WQCS offers 3rd Party and Source Inspections for any client project requirements.

NDE Consultants

WQCS can assist you with additional NDE Testing Techniques such as radiography, ultra sound, liquid penetration, and magnetic particle.

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